Welcome SWAT Auto Glass!

“Hello, My name is Max Fowler, I’ve worked in the autoglass and have specialized in the glass field for 25yrs. I’ve worked for safelite and other companies that treated me like just a number. So I’m proud to say I’m here now to change that. I come from a long line of union families. My father his father, my mother and so many more. I started SWAT Autoglass NOV 1 2010. I started this out of necessity. I wanted better for my family and my clients I want to set the standards for my industry for the future of my family and clients. I want my employees to feel like they always have the ability to succeed in an always evolving industry with the best training and support. I’ve always been a leader never a boss. Being in the IAM9 local 777 Union will open doors I could have only prayed for in the past. With the brotherhood of this Union and my drive to succeed I hope to build a standard that everyone involved with this will be proud of just as I am today. A big Thank you for welcoming my company and most of all my family to local 777.”


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